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Crystal Sour Shock Your Buds

Try out Crystal Sour Shock Your Buds and make your taste buds squeal! This super-sour candy comes in vibrant colors and packs a deliciously tart punch - perfect for concocting some hilarious reactions among your pals!

  • Pink/Sour Cotton Candy Rock Crystal Candy
  • Blue/Sour Raspberry Rock Crystal Candy
  • Red/Sour Cherry Rock Crystal Candy
  • Green/Sour Apple Rock Crystal Candy
  • Blue/Sour Blueberry Rock Crystal Candy
  • Orange/Orange Rock Crystal Candy

**Listing is for a single tube, not the entire box. Random color chosen for online orders**  But you are welcome to put your preference in the notes!

Sour Crystal Rocks

SKU: 009138379019
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