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Chill with our Cherry Slush Popping Boba for a refreshing twist in your beverages or a vibrant topping for your slushies. Includes 10 pouches with boba straws that transform any drink into a fun and frosty treat. Ideal for enhancing iced teas, lemonades, or even frozen cocktails, these pearls add a playful treat to your refreshments.


Packaging may vary based on availability.


  • Flavor Cool: Refreshing icy cherry.
  • Slushie Essential: Perfect in cold beverages or as a fun garnish.
  • Quality Assured: Vegan, gluten-free, and made without artificial additives.

Recipe Ideas:

  • Iced Cherry Tea: Add to iced tea for a cooling effect.
  • Frozen Cherry Cocktails: Enhance frozen cocktails with a pop of cherry flavor.
  • Fun Beverage Toppers: Drop into any cold drink for a splash of color and taste.

Cherry Slush- Popping Boba Bead Drink flavoring

SKU: 850033240009
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