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  • Made with 100% finest marzipan.

  • Fine quality European chocolate made with natural ingredients.

  • Flavor protected.

  • Quality.

  • Chocolate.

  • Squared.

  • Knick-pack.

  • Product of Germany.


Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate (50% Cocoa) with Marzipan Bar. WITH GREAT CHOCOLATE COMES GREAT REPONSIBILITY. Marzipan comes in many different shapes, but our favorite is square. It’s simply the best way to bring out this great combination of sweet Californian almonds and a hint of bitter almonds from the Mediterranean. Enjoy the nuance of sweet and bitter almonds (a unique Ritter Sport recipe) enrobed in firm, crisp dark chocolate. Marzipan was originally reserved for the nobility. Today, everyone can enjoy it. Ritter Sport’s Marzipan bar remains the choice of Europe’s chocolate connoisseurs who appreciate its sophistication and exceptional quality. Perfection.

Ritter's Marzipan Dark Chocolate Bar

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