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The Nestle Lion Bar: A finger-licking, energy-stimulating confection

Awaken the king inside you as you munch on this energizing confection offered by the Nestle Lion Bar. It is a delectable breakfast cereal bar that gets you going throughout the day! Each of these chocolate bars has a chewy caramel-filled wafer smothered with crisp cereal and covered with luscious Nestle milk chocolate. The Lion Bar is similar to a nutritiously filled biscuit, only that its inner layer takes a resemblance to a lion's glorious mane and has a crunchy, gooey concoction like no other. Bring the iconic taste of one of the most loved English chocolate bars in your snack box to jumpstart your day with strength and exuberance.

Why are Lion Chocolate Candy Bars so irresistibly good?

Of course, chocolate bars are delicious! But what sets the Lion Bars apart from the others is its notably textured consistency that everyone is fond of for almost five decades and counting. Savor its winning combination of flavorful ingredients, putting forward a fresh and creamy taste that makes you fall in love with it at the first bite.

What is inside a Lion Bar? Everything you need to know about the Lion Bar's ingredients

Rough on the outside yet mushy inside, the Nestle Lion bar is a fusion of pure delight composed of caramel, wafer, cereal, and milk chocolate. It offers a delectable blend of sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, wheat flour, rice flour, skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter, lactose, cocoa mass, whey powder, humectant glycerin, salt, aroma, natrium hydro carbonate raising agent, yeast, and barley malt extract. It uses the E322 with soy, E476, and E471 emulsifiers. Each chocolate bar does not have artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. However, this delicious treat may contain allergens. Be warned that this chocolate bar may include traces of nuts, peanuts, and eggs. Make sure to check the label before devouring the king of chocolate candy bars.

How many calories are in a Lion Bar?

The Nestle Lion Bar provides 240 calories for every 50g serving size. Out of this calorie content, 100 calories are from Fat. This value is based on a 2,000 daily calorie diet. Check the nutrition facts for more information.

Nestle Lion Bar: The recipe for a yummy cereal ice cream roll

Enjoy the Lion Bar as a delicious dessert! Prepare two packs of a 50g Nestle Lion Bar and a cup of caramelized milk. Mash the Lion Bar into bits and pour the caramelized milk over it. Mix the two ingredients until the consistency becomes thick and creamy. Spread the mixture thinly and evenly flat on a freezing tray, making the blend harden. Then, divide it into four equal parts. As the creamy blend chills, it becomes perfect to scrape off the tray without breaking the flattened mold. Sweep an edge and lift it gently to form a roll. Repeat the same procedure for the three parts left remaining on the tray. Place your ice cream rolls in a bowl and voila! You can now feast on Nestle's Lion Bar with a refreshing twist!

Lion Bar - UK Candy Bar

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