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Our far out freeze dried (Sprees) candy, turns into a gourmet treat bursting with flavor! Freeze drying removes moisture in food which impacts the flavor and texture of your favorite treats

Freeze Dried Sprees

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    In order to prevent consumer confusion and to protect the Trademark rights for each candy or dessert manufacturer, Elk Valley Nuts and Candy co has an obligation to inform all potential customers that:



    Elk Valley Nuts and Candy Co is in no way affiliated with, represented in any way, or have a sponsorship with any of the candy manufacturers listed on our website.

    The Trademark for these candies is exclusive to each manufacture and is NOT owned by Elk Valley Nuts and Candy Co.

    Our freeze dried candies are NOT created or sold by the manufacturer of the actual candies. Deception on the source of origin is strictly prohibited.

    The candies that we use ARE authentic however, once freeze dried, the texture and taste can be changed.

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