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Please purchase no later than 6/13 for delivery by Father's Day!


Includes -

12 Truffles

Claey's Roobeer Candy

4 Western Smokehouse Meat Sticks in a variety of flavors

Bacon on the Go

Hunter's Reserve Smokey Sweet Sausage

Hunter's Reserve Sharp Aged Cheddar Block

Snackle Box featuring a variety of liquore cordials

Bar None Candy Bar

Candy Cigarettes

Big Fat Fudgey Brownie

Butter Rum Peanuts

Jalapeno Peanuts

Buffalo Ranch Cashews

Candy Licorice Pipe

Microwavable Amish Popcorn

5 Cow Tales in a variety of flavors


Boxed and packed, ready to ship and deliver!


Shipping is included for this product and price.

Father's Day Mega Basket - Delivered

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